Bringing innovation to Australia

  1. The website had a fully integrated e-commerce aspect
  2. The website was very attractive, professional and easy to use
  3. The client ran Social Media Marketing
  4. The website was connected to Hubspot CRM for automation

Experiential Introduction

We were commissioned to build a large website that integrated a Customer Relationship Management system and e-commerce which led to an increase in automation and data collection & leads. Siquay Solutions ran digital advertising promoting positive brand awareness through social media and Google.

Creative Direction

Using WordPress CMS we were able to create a request a quote, e-commerce website, that would integrate the power of e-commerce whilst still looking stunning.

Lets’ begin

Incorporating a CRM from the start Siquay Solutions was able to effectively grow and manage their customers.

Connecting your website to your business

The team at Siquay Solutions was fully trained on using a CRM and project management tools that added value to their company. Allowing the nimble team to manage large projects and high customer demands with a wealth of tools and data at their fingertips.

The outcome

We created a simple easy to use website that reflects the brands values and the owners professionalism.

Using a request a quote feauture

Siquay Solutions website was built using an e-commerce platform, however the website was slightly different to traditional Woo-commerce sites. The website used a request a quote feature mainly because the customisation and changes of cost in each product. Using the e-commerce platform allowed for really powerful advertising strategies.

Bringing innovation to the mining industry in Australia

Websites don’t have to be complicated! Keeping navigation simple and information easy to find. Siquay Solutions had an increase in leads.

Experience their website in full effect

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The accountant for tradies