Showcasing Beautiful Products

  1. Showcase the brand and quality of Eskimo Heat products
  2. Increase website traffic and website conversions
  3. Present a large portfolio of custom made products to order

Experiential Introduction

Sicuro Group was commissioned to build a stunning ecommerce website. The goals of the website and online presence was to create long lasting incredible online experiences, and that is exactly what we did.

Eskimo Heat work page

Creative Direction

Using WordPress CMS we were able to create a user-friendly website that not only looked incredible but was fast, easy to navigate and ranked well with SEO. We also included an ecommerce feature that allowed customers to buy directly from the website.

Lets’ begin

With a huge portfolio of stunning products available, building Eskimo Heat’s website was a true pleasure. 

Connecting your website to your business

The team at Eskimo Heat were fully trained to use and maintain their online shop. Giving the team flexibility and freedom to make changes as they please. 

The outcome

We created a stunning website that reflects the brands values, quality of work and stunning products.

Being able to collect data 

Not only did we build a beautiful ecommerce website, we also added in analytics that would help decision making. Eskimo Heat can now identify key trends in their website visitors and ultimately increase conversions. The team now has a wealth of information at their fingertips. 

Eskimo AR… Yes we did!

We couldn’t think of a better way to bring Eskimo Heat’s products to life. By integrating augmented reality onto their website, the Gordon can be be seen through your phone, in your bathroom. How cool is that..?

Stunning products showcased properly

The idea was simple, yet effective. Make our website stunning and portray the experience a customer would have owning an Eskimo product.

Eskimo Heat Portfolio

Experience their website in full effect

visit the site

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