A New Contender In The Watch Industry

  1. Did not look like your typical ecommerce website
  2. Increase website traffic and website conversions
  3. Has a simple to use stock management system

Experiential Introduction

We were commissioned to showcase Antoine Francs stunning timepiece range on their new website. Completely upgrading their digital assets whilst adding in a shop feature allowing potential customers to buy online directly from Antoine Franc.

Creative Direction

Using WordPress CMS we were able to create a user-friendly website that was incredibly fast to load but also looked stunning. The website also contained a simple to use stock management system.

Lets’ begin

Antoine Franc had an incredible idea, creating an affordable luxury watch for the modern man.

Connecting your website to your business

The team at Antoine Franc were fully trained to use and maintain the online shop. Giving them the flexibility and freedom to make changes as they please. 

The outcome

We created a stunning website that reflects the brands values, quality of work and stunning products.

Being able to collect data 

Having a considerable marketing budget, the data insights from our analytics were invaluable for the team at Antoine Franc. They now know where to invest in their online advertising efforts.

Luxury timepiece handed down generation to generation

Through the stunning website we were able to portray the lifestyle a potential customer would have if they owned an Antoine Franc timepiece.

Experience their website in full effect

visit the site

Showcasing beautiful products