The explosion of Ecommerce in Australia, should you be selling online?

Should you be selling online? Lets find out…

Aussies spent a whopping $21.3bn online last year, an increase of 18.7 percent from the year before. WOW! This year’s figures are starting to show even stronger growth in online shopping. 

Not that long ago, the idea of logging into your computer, opening up the internet to find a product you need and submitting your credit card details in the hope that said product turns up at your front door a few days later would have seemed completely insane.

But as of 2017 the number of internet users in Australia was a staggering 21.18 million. It’s easy to see the future of retail growth is in ecommerce.

Online shopping has become extremely convenient for the shopper and lower overheads for the retailer. These are two primary drivers of Australian ecommerce growth. As the cost of logistics and delivery reduce, the growth trend will continue for many more years to come.

Large retailers such as Office works, Jb Hi Fi and Rebel Sport have created massive ecommerce websites to take advantage of the increased margins of online retail and the ability to serve and enhance the customer experience. 

Deliveries in Australia are increasing

Australia Post, one of the country’s parcel movers, delivered 37 million parcels in December last year. They had a record of 2.5 million parcels delivered in a single day. According to AusPost, Fashion was one of the major top selling categories, increasing by 27.2 percent in the year, while health and beauty products saw an increase of 13.2 and housewares and appliances were up by 10.9 percent.

If you’re thinking about setting up an online store now is the time. All the figures are pointing towards growth in ecommerce especially here in Australia. If you’re not online you’re probably missing out on a healthy profit and some sizeable margins. Interested? Learn more:

Setting up an online store has never been more affordable and convenient for you and your customers. Best of all we can train you on how to manage and run it effectively.